Molecule Man Essay and Charts

I wrote this essay, “Analysis of the Molecule Man’s Costume, Face, and Character Across all His Appearances,” for Comic Vine.

The intent was to write a scholarly-style essay but “publish” it on a pop-culture site directly.

The essay also has three charts I designed as support materials:

Tiboro Cosplay

This is my most recent cosplay, of Tiboro, Lord of the Sixth Dimension (to be said in a very terrifying voice!). I created it to go along with my family’s group cosplay, which was themed as “Extra-dimensional Lords”! (My wife was Hela, my daughter was Clea, and my son was Annihilus.) We wore them at New York Comic Con.

This is going to undergo some major revision, especially on the helmet.  The first image is a cold-weather version with some black spandex that’s not part of the official costume.